The school is just down the hill, where aside from regular classes, they teach about nature, agriculture, plants, animals. There’s even a little farm with lots of animals where they teach kids how to care for them. I’m friendly with my neighbors on my street, who all have kids and grandkids over quite frequently.  It’s an area that I’m proud to call it my own paradise. 

Family has always been very important to me and along with its traditions. Growing up in the Caribbean, Christmas was so important to us. I remember the whole country shut down from December 15th until after January 6th. 

My mom has literally lived right next door to my sister from the moment she had her first baby, and she is also close to mine. Her and my dad, Victor, are the kind of people that would drop everything, just to take care of their grandbabies. I get teased a lot by my family as they all think I’m my “parent’s favorite” and  when I have a kid, I’m sure they’ll forget about the whole world and just focus on the baby - so I’m basically giving everyone a head start with their own families, because they know once there is a baby in my house, they will forget about the whole world and just focus on the baby with me. 

I’m fortunate enough to enjoy having dual citizenship, and will ensure your child does as well.  I still vacation there a lot - there’s something about being on a white sandy beach that just renews your soul! I still have some family there. My cousin, Michelle who still lives there, just had a baby named Avril recently and she can’t wait to meet the baby I hope to adopt! 

I’m so excited being able to become a father now, as I enjoy very active. I look forward to teaching him or her how to play sports, if they so choose, to chasing them around the house! As you may have gathered, I will also be a single father. Fatherhood is so important to me that I have lived my entire life preparing for it in a way (I was even present at my little brother’s birth) and I am mentally, emotionally, logistically and financially ready so I don’t want to wait to find Mr. Right. While one day I hope to have a partner who will join me in this amazing journey, he will only become part of our lives as long as he loves and values children and family as much as me and my family do, can give this child the unconditional love and care, and will always put your child first.

I have a variety of interests, which have nothing to do with one another. I love cooking and exploring different recipes, styles, flavors! Music is also super important to me. I think that had to do with the fact that my mom is a lover of music. It was always fun seeing my mom clean the house while dancing the whole time and me behind her making a mess. So there will always be music playing in the background. Painting, dancing and home improvements are other things I enjoy doing!  I recently started making upgrades to the house, and have been thinking on how a nursery and child’s bedroom would look like. 

Whatever the circumstances you may be going through right now, I really, really want you to rest assured that your child will be in great hands, with an amazing family who will love him or her, care for him or her and always cheering him or her on in becoming the best version of him or herself, should you choose me to be the adoptive parent of your child.

Please call or text David 914-200-1880 anytime

Expenses Paid

Valid Home Study Approved

Please call or text David 914-200-1880 anytime

As you know by now, my life has always been surrounded by children. I have four god children, whom I’m heavily involved in their lives.

They both have their own partners, and whenever we get together, it’s such an amazing sight, that everyone actually gets along and looks after each other. Its so close that both my mom and dad go through a summer kid trading, where my half brother spends the summers with my dad, and my half sister spends the summers with my mom, even though they have no blood relation! This just goes to show just how my family functions. There’s really no need to be blood bound to take care of those we truly care about. Both my parents knew the importance of family, and never wanted our half siblings to feel like they were not part of each other’s family. Of course, this also means that your child will have double the grandparents fighting to spoil your child too.

A family tradition that I didn’t realize was even a tradition, until a few years after, was me and my nephews singing in the car. It started by accident as me trying to get them to talk about themselves to me, and I would pick some songs from my childhood and I just started singing. They would immediately start singing themselves, and after the song ended, they would start talking about everything! Next thing you know, the next time they got in my car, they’d instantly ask me “ Uncle BeeBee” (Aaron gave me that nick name since he couldn’t say David when he was 1 year old, and now all three call me that) “put this song on! You’ll love it!”  –Next thing you know, my car became Karaoke time. 

Please call or text David 914-200-1880 anytime

I’m super fortunate that I have lived and worked in many parts of the United States. I fell in love with traveling, exploring other cultures, architectures, religions and people. There is something so fascinating about how we all think different cultures are so different, but the more you learn about them, you find more and more similarities right down to the core.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little bit about me and my family. I really want to reiterate once again how thankful I am for you considering me as the father of your child and for making this brave and selfless decision for the future of your baby and for making someone a parent, who is not able to have a child on their own.

I would love to get to know more about you and your dreams for your child.  Please feel free to call or text me at: 914-200-1880.

If you have any questions about me or the legal process you may feel free to call my attorney, Suzanne Nichols.  Suzanne is easy to speak with and happy to take your calls.  She may be reached at her tollfree number.

Whatever decision you make, please know that I wish you peace and joy.

With love,


Please call or text David 914-200-1880 anytime

Please call or text David 914-200-1880 anytime

You cannot imagine how grateful I am to have this opportunity to be able to provide the best life for your child, with a great support system, family cheering them on, and giving them advise, (which sometimes may not be what they want to hear), loving friends, neighbors, and lots of cousins! With this letter, I’m hoping to tell you a little bit about myself, my childhood, my life and how your child will have the best life, thanks to your tremendous sacrifice.

Decorating the tree for Christmas is still one of my most cherished holiday activities.  I dream about having a child to help me with this tradition, and even making our tree, his or her tree.  Presently– my nephews, Aaron, Gabriel and Marcos now come to my house every year to help me decorate my tree. In the beginning of December, between me, my sister and mom, exchange ornaments between our houses. My nephews traditionally make ornaments by themselves, and at least a few of them end up in each of our trees. Their faces light up with pride every time they see their creations in our trees. They are looking forward to being able to teach a baby cousin how to make ornaments, and join the pack! 

Hi, My name is David, and it’s a pleasure for me to have this opportunity to tell you a little bit about me, my life, and my dream of wanting to be a Dad and devoting my life to a child, in hopes of helping you make the best decision for your child’s future. 

I was born in the Dominican Republic in Caribbean, near the beach, an area full of palm trees, coconuts, bright sun, clear skies, and clear blue ocean water.  I moved to the United States with my entire immediate family seeking a better future in 1999, and we became a US Citizens a few years later. Coming from a Caribbean country, opportunities to grow are very limited. My parents knew that by coming to the United States, they would be able to provide for us a more comfortable life, and an education and career opportunities, we could only dream of achieving where I was born. 

Diana has three boys, whom I adore wholeheartedly and I have been a big part of their lives since birth. One’s a young teenager by now, and can’t wait for a new baby. My sister Diana and are so close that I was at the birth of all three inside the hospital room. Apparently, my brother-in-law thought it was him giving birth, and they had to get him a bed of his own during my nephews’ births. It has all been a privilege for me to be there for my nephews’ births, unique each time. 

I’ve had a very successful career in real estate management and work from home so I can be a very present dad. I also own my own Commercial Janitorial Company that I started myself years ago and now my staff run it completely. My career has given me the opportunity to interact with people from all backgrounds and financial situations. Even though my job multitasks a lot, I know my most important job in life will be Daddy! I’m fortunate to be financially secure so I can be there for this child.

Group birthday calls also became a thing! My whole family gets into a video call to call the birthday person together on their day! They all start singing as loud as they can, with the worse pitch you can imagine! Birthday Breakfast. Whoever’s birthday it is, they will be treated like kings/queens for the day. It would usually start with breakfast. We make pancakes, sausages, French toast, scrambled eggs, and lots and lots of syrup! That day, the kids are usually in charge of the cooking, under stove supervision and it turns out super yummy! Pizza & Pasta Day! Making pizza dough and pasta from scratch! Along with picking our own tomatoes and making our own sauce.

I had a very happy childhood and this is very important for me to provide, full of memories of my cousins, and grandparents, always being around each other. We later moved to the United States in 1999, as we knew being US Citizens would unlock a world of opportunities, we wouldn’t have instant access to in the Dominican Republic. This was thanks to Mema, who was a US Citizen, of course I had no idea what was going on, I was just happy to be here. It became a little challenging to learn the language,(since my first language is Spanish) as well as taking math, science, social studies while learning the language simultaneously. Learning languages became such an interesting thing to me, that I’m now fully bi-lingual (English and Spanish), and learning Italian  now, and I would raise your child to speak as many languages as they can.

Our whole extended family used to all, and still does (but we rotate houses), gather around the table to have dinner on Christmas eve, all the adults cook, our typical Christmas dinner, that would consist of empanadas, roasted pork, Russian potato salad, rice with chick peas, croquettes, beans, roasted chicken, and oh my god so much more!   and all the kids are outside helping with the decorations and start staring at the gifts making bets as to what was inside the box. 

I’m also a dog lover – my dog Marshal is amazing with children. When he was born, my youngest nephew was 2 years old, and they have been each other’s best friend ever since. He’s learned to be gentle with people, specially kids and just fill people with kisses and hugs! 

Open Adoption

A life filled with unconditional love & support, unlimited opportunities, at-home Dad, world's best grandma in waiting, beautiful home with rolling lawns, International travel & so much more awaits your baby.

Being a father, has been a dream of mine for as long as I remember, and thanks to you, it may finally become a reality. 

Even though my parents divorced shortly after we moved to the United States, and lived in different states (Mom in New York and Dad in Orlando, Florida – near Disney World), we all still maintain such a close relationship that its almost like it never happened, minus the proximity of course. Funny enough, my parents being divorced, now get a long so much better, and are each other’s best friends. Whenever we spend time with either of them alone, they just complain how the other hasn’t called them in the last couple of days to see how they are.

We believe in “ El Dia de Reyes”  or the “Day of the Kings” which happens on January 6th (3 kings’ day) which was the Day baby Jesus received his gifts form the three wise man, so that was the day we got to open ours! Just imagine the suspense of staring at those gifts for so long. Now, Christmas presents are opened on Christmas Day but the thing was, that unlike in the United States, we did not exchange gifts on Christmas! I did not even know who Santa Clause was until we moved to the United States!  

Your child will live in a home where they always feel safe, accepted, where they can feel they can be the best or worst version of themselves. Provide the best possible education so they can pursue their dreams and find success and happiness in whatever they may choose to do. You can feel confident that they will grow up knowing I have their back, I will be their biggest cheerleader and will support them in achieving their dreams at all times. They will grow up knowing nothing is beyond their reach.  We will have so much fun – dancing around the living room with loud music, have family game nights, be silly, pillow fights and laugh lots!  As they grow up, I will ensure they know it is ok to make mistakes. We all make them. Please rest assured your child will not be alone. He or she will be surrounded by an amazing family who will love them, care for them and always cheering them on in becoming the best version of themselves. They are getting a whole cheerleading team, who are all super excited to embrace them.

Before I start, I would like to first thank you for making this brave and selfless decision to look after the best interests of your child; as well as, looking into giving someone who is not able to become a parent in their own, the amazing opportunity to be a parent. I want you to know that, should you choose me, your child will always feel like a blessing for me and unselfishly loved by you and never feel like he or she was abandoned or not loved by you. 

Growing up, I was always surrounded by family and this would be true for your child as well, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. My cousins were and are my best friends. I was very grateful to have had my grandmother, Carmen, whom I nicknamed Mema with me at all times. She was my babysitter and my accomplice! Now, my mom is looking forward to being the same for the child who I am blessed to adopt.

I’ve been to over 15 countries in my personal travels, and over 30 US states.  Those experiences have shaped me, and sparked my curiosity to learn, and I look forward to sharing that perspective and the gift of travel and exploration with my your child.

I’m really looking forward to teaching your son or daughter how to crawl on the long lawn in my house, teaching him or her how to walk, (and hopefully not have too many scratches!) teach them how to ride a bike, to run after him or her as they ride their bike down the hill so they don’t hurt themselves too much!, to watching them yell at me and try to walk away because they don’t agree with me, to comforting them during their first heart break, to eventually hosting their pre-prom photos, graduations, supporting him or her through college and maybe beyond and eventually wedding, and even welcoming them back with open arms at any time any of their plans don’t quite plan out and assure them, to keep on trying, for as long as it takes!

I have 2 sisters and a brother, Diana, Aliana & Daniel. Daniel is in college and Aliana just graduated from college and Diana is the oldest of us three.

My mom lives close-by and is going to come stay with me when I adopt. My grandma was an amazing support system for me, and embedded a lot of my core values. She never judged anyone and was always there for everyone.  I know my mother is hoping the child I am fortunate to adopt will feel this way about her.

There is nothing that I would not do for your child, so much I promise to do for this child and their life with me. You can rest assured that they will know your courage, tremendous sacrifice and deep love for them. I will always be there to wipe their tears, kiss their boo boos, listen and hug tightly when things are not so good for him or her. I will teach them to love with their whole hearts, to be honest, and will encourage them to try new things. I will instill confidence and a sense of pride in who they are and they will always know they are loved unconditionally by you and me and all of our family.

I own a beautiful home in New York. Not New York City, but north of New York City in the Catskill Mountains. It’s a really nice two-story house, on top of a mountain, overlooking the Catskills Mountain range, the last house on a cul-de-sac. It has a beautiful fenced in pool, with child safe alarms, a hill we use to sled down the snow in the winter, and hiking trails just at our door step. 

I can’t wait to be able to devote my life, unconditionally love, teach so much, and provide limitless opportunities for your child! 

Please call or text David 914-200-1880 anytime

Please call or text David 914-200-1880 anytime

Please call or text David 914-200-1880 anytime

Please call or text David 914-200-1880 anytime